Documenting the changes in XSM releases

1.1 4rd Dec 2006:

news summary could wipe your news content under certain situations!
improve theming for MS IE
suped up publising / viewing - found nasty redundant CPU usage
FAQ items now have static links, but they will change from what they used to be on the first save after this update
Sort "Site User List"
Actually generate images and files pages for books - optional (default off)
Warn users when an upload failed due to size
Upgraded TinyMCE which fixes many WYSIWYG issues, mainly link related

add upgrade system - blocks most actions until the site is upgraded
added site editors - they can edit any page on the site (just short of admin)
added sub-gallery thumbnails to gallery pages
add new "one_column" site layout
add description to document types
add new (applook) theme
add theme config for default XSM theme
add metadata to PreviewedFile pages
Show page type in metadata view
Add options pane for configuring page options
Copy page options to new sub pages if they are the same type
Added comments fields to gallery items
Add option to generate news pages on a per-author basis
Only the author of a news article (and admins) can edit the article
Add option to make HTML pages "Welcome" pages (full page HTML, no borders / nagivation)
Add Login page template to hide XSM engine from site users and to save typing the site name
For users who have never logged in show when they were created.
Re-write the types config, allow them to be hidden and have dependencies
Allow admins to reset user passwords (emailed out)
Add change-update notification for users who want to watch a page's updates
Add date and datetime widgets, functional but not pretty...
Add email metadata to PreviewedFile and (optional) rss feeds
Added Glossary document template
Added a SiteMap document template
Added zip/tar.gz upload for uploading multiple images
Added a quicklinks section when you log in for common actions
Added managing of the admin and global edit flags on users page
Change default XSM theme to the "applook" theme
Tidy layout of "new page" anc "customise template" pages

1.0 3rd Oct 2005:

More "real" version numbers Final release of 1.0

0.1_rc1 29th Sept 2005:

allow categorisednavigation to use "page" and "recurse" attributes
watch site connection.xml

fix some rename bugs, you can use escaped characters in names now,
but not at the start of a page name.

0.1_beta3 17th Sept 2005:

allow configuration of XSM root url - needed to get correct default URLs
display email addresses of users on "Users & Groups" page
allow config of where to use as tmp
Support config locations not in classpath
Fix file uploading in windows
Moved site data to //data/ to avoid conflicts
Tidied build and generated demo config zip file, rather than storing in cvs

0.1_beta2 7th Sept 2005:

Display version number allowing easy identification for bug reports

bug fixes:
New users failed to create after new "last login" changes
Populate users email field from new user form data
If creation of a user fails return to new user form
Leave line breaks in TinyMCE or using textarea becomes a nightmare
Fix page count in gallery - was too high if last page was full
Remove (almost) all generated html pages if they are no longer needed
Disallow caching of the XSM interface
Properly escape user data on profile screen

better default data

0.1_beta1 was the first release on 4th Sept 2005, and when this changelog started.