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XSM Moves forward and finds a new home too posted 17 Nov 2011 23:09 by Andrew Williams

We are happy to announce that the eXtensible Site Manager (XSM) has returned to it's open source routes as it prepares for the 2.0 release. You can find the entire app over at GitHub where you can check it out or fork it yourself. Clone it from now!

We have also found a new home for the mailing lists - you can subscribe to the latest news and discussions at the xsm-users google group.

If you just want the latest news then you might be excited to hear that the latest builds support inline editing (that means that the CMS interface renders exactly the same as the web site so users don't see a difference when going to edit mode). Also we are happy to announce that as of iOS5 (Apple's latest mobile operating system) we now support editing pages from your iPhone and iPad!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on GitHub or Google Groups.