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Announcing our first iPhone game - SpinGuru posted 31 Aug 2009 21:34 by Andrew Williams

SpinGuru is pleased to announce the release of it's latest iPhone title "SpinGuru".

SpinGuru is an addictive game of skill, reflexes, logic and determination.

The object of the game is to spin your stick from the start point to the end point with the highest score possible. You can maximise your score by finding the shortest route and picking up all the bonuses.

Sounds simple? Watch your time and don't mess with the enemies - they could end your game rather early.

This beautiful and rich game introduces the game concepts one at a time with a full set of training levels that anyone can handle. Once you have mastered the training you are dropped into the forest for a world that fast approaches impossible.

Once you have completed each level be sure to go back and try to beat your score - the bonuses will give you a huge boost but it might cost the game trying to find them!

SpinGuru can be downloaded directly from the App Store